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CCTV focused on “the 19th live expo”, Hebei Shengda stunning appearance

Passive Room
“Passive Room” is a high efficiency, energy saving 90% , high comfort (five constant: constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant static, constant clean) of the building. Through natural lighting, solar energy radiation and other passive energy-saving measures and building envelope heat insulation technology combined with the building built. While significantly improving the comfort of the indoor environment, the energy consumption of the building is greatly reduced. Rely on building physical performance, to achieve real health, comfort, energy saving!


Energy saving door and window system
The window uses the triple double insulating glass, the heat insulation and cold protection function compared to the ordinary glass has promoted many. In addition, indoor and outdoor installation of steam barrier film and breathable film to ensure the building’s air tightness, minimizing the loss of heat. On this basis, the use of high-efficiency fresh air system temperature adjustment, energy consumption will be greatly reduced. In the northern cold areas to heating-based residential, if the realization of ultra-low energy consumption building, than the current energy-saving standards to be roughly reduced by more than 50% . It is not simply energy-saving, in fact, the comfort to meet a higher case of energy-saving.


Air tightness design of door and window system
In the construction process of ultra-low energy consumption, to ensure the air tightness of the building, that is, to minimize the exchange rate of indoor and outdoor air in the house, to prevent the loss of indoor heat in winter, it is very important to prevent hot air from entering the room in summer.
Shengda has 13 business units and total employee over 800. Main products series including W series (White series), FC series ( Full color series),CC series (Co-extrusion color series),GC series (Golden color series), Top-Best series (passive low energy series),etc. Every series has different model, including 60,65,70,88 and so on. Shengda PVC profiles have great varieties, complete specifications and a wide selection of colors and designs, are widely used to fix window, casement window, top-hung window, folding window, horizontal sliding window and vertical sliding window as well as combined windows which can meet all kinds of needs. We have established a strong domestic marketing network, and step by step develop international market.






Post time: Nov-17-2022