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1, Seven-chamber design, adopt three-layer seal or four-layer seal to provide excellent heat preservation.
2, Innovative chamber construction design, Uf=0.98w/m2·K, Uw<1.0w/m2·K; Uf=0.78w/m2·K, Uw≤0.8w/m2·K;
3, Max thickness of glass can be 50mm, can provide more better heat preservation and sound insulation.
4, Thickness of profile is 3.0mm, over Nation A Grade Standard requirement.
Whole window performance
Thermal Insulation U=0.79W/(m2K) 10garde
Air Tightness 0.1 8 garde
Water Tightness 600 5 garde
Wind Load Resistance 6500 9 garde
Acoustic Insulation Rw=40-45db 4 garde
Fire Resistance h 0.5/1.0

Reasonable control of indoor temperature and humidity in a comfortable area, if the home has been to maintain high temperature and humidity, then no one can save you;
Considering the condensation on the inner surface of the window, an important index is the 10-degree isotherm, through the simulation calculation of the thermal performance of doors and windows can determine whether the minimum temperature of the inner surface of the frame is below 10 degrees, (in Shanghai area, if the ordinary aluminum window with broken bridge is very difficult to reach the standard) ! The 10-degree isotherm is a technical indicator that has been emphasized and evaluated in advanced passive housing construction.
In the installation must avoid the cold bridge or air leakage point, the lowest indoor wall temperature can not be less than 13 degrees, so that the wall can reduce the potential risk of condensation-mildew.

Use of sill boards at the bottom of outdoor windows, which are standard in the European market as well as insulating glass, and the benefits are obvious: sill boards eliminate water leaks at the bottom of windows, and the seal is long-term effective, but also can reduce the external wall hanging dripping scale.
Windows need to absorb and transfer different forces, to keep the functions of the window intact, if not, we need to file a complaint, and in the worst case we need to replace the window that meets our needs.
When we discuss the functions needed for windows, we must note that in addition to the quality of the windows, the quality of the installation is also very important, by experienced installers in the right way to install and seal, this way the window can maintain quality for a long time. In future chapters we will discuss how to properly and effectively install and seal doors and windows.

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