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SHENGDA White Series W60 Casement UPVC Door

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Serial No. name No. Radical number/bag
328 60casement frame SPHD60-10A 6
329 60inward door sash SPHD60-22A 4
330 60outward door sash SPHD60-23A 4
331 60casement mullion SPHD60-30A 6
332 19bead SPHD60-41 30
333 Core board of door SPHD60-50 10
334 60pseudo mullion SPHD60-63 6
335 60casement frame
SPHD60B-13 6
336 60casement mullion
SPHD60B-33 6




What is unplasticized?
Unplasticized means that no plasticizer (also known as plasticizer) is added. This is widely used in industry, polymer materials additives, plastic flexibility to enhance, easy processing, plasticizer dosage from less to more divided into hard, semi-hard, soft.
UPVC is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a hard type of plasticizer and is generally considered to be hard if used in less than 15 portions. About 15-25 PHR is semi-rigid RS-PVC. More than 25 phr of SPVC (Soft-PVC) .
Before we begin to explore the UPVC Window, let's look at the materials that make up the main material of a plastic Window. Includes PVC resins and various processing aids.
Performance of UPVC resin
·High mechanical stability, high hardness
·Impact Resistance
·good abrasion resistance
·Flame retardant and self-extinguishing
·Alkali and acid resistance
·Weather Resistant
·not harmful to humans or the environment
·Low thermal conductivity

We are honored the Chairman Unit of Windows/Doors and Profiles Committee, which belongs to the China Plastic Processing Industry Association.
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