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SHENGDA White Series W60 Casemnet UPCV Window

Short Description:

The five physical properties of doors and windows are the most important basis for measuring the quality of doors and windows, each of which can directly affect the overall performance of the whole window.

1.No abnormalities during typhoons
2.No leaks
3.Excellent insulation
4.Block out the breeze
5.block out the external noise

Product Detail

Product Tags

Serial No. name No. Radical number/bag
1 60casement frame SPHD60-10 6
2 60casement frame(seal strip)
3 60casement frame SPHD60-10A 6
4 60inward sash SPHD60-20A 6
5 60inward sash SPHD60-20B 6
6 60inward sash(seal strip)
7 60outward sash SPHD60-21B 6
8 60outward sash(seal strip)
9 60casement mullion SPHD60-30 6
10 60casement mullion(seal strip)
11 60casement mullion SPHD60-30A 6
12 60assistance frame SPHD60-80 4
13 17bead SPHD60-40 24
14 19bead SPHD60-41 30
15 34bead SPHD60-42 24
16 15bead SPHD60-43 30
17 casement mosquito sash SPHD60-52 16
18 60pseudo mullion SPHD60-63 6
19 60(90°)angle SPXC60-70 4
20 simple splicing bar SPHD60-72 60
21 60square tube SPHD60-74 4
22 60angle SPXC60-73 10
23 60high-strengthen splicing tube SPHD60-76 10
24 60(135°)angle SPHD60-77 6
25 60square tube SPHD60-78 4
26 60splicing board SPHD60-79 20
27 60strengthen splicing tube SDOP60-70 4


Whole window performance

Performance category



Thermal Insulation(W/(㎡·k))



Air Tightness (q1  m3(m·h))



Water Tightness(pa)



Wind Load Resistance (Kpa)



Acoustic Insulation (dB)



The first and most significant condition to manufacture high quality upvc window is to use high quality upvc profile. It is required to use upvc profiles which meet the requirements of the standards, do not cause any problems during the application and manufacture technically, provide demanded insulation values, have wide use and international quality certificates. Upvc profiles which meet these criteria is the prerequisite for a upvc meeting the standards.
The biggest benefit of the reinforcement sheet to the upvc window is to build the window framework and increase the strength. In addition, it has benefits such as preventing the shape of the structure from thermal changes, enabling assembly strength and connection etc. Reinforcement sheet suitable for the shape of the UPVC Profile should be used and a piece of reinforcement sheet to each meter of every main profile possible should not be neglected in UPVC . Currently, no other product to completely replace metal reinforcement sheets has not been developed yet.
The most effective insulation material used in UPVC door and window systems is the seal. EPDM rubber and TPE plastic-based seals are currently used.


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