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White80 sliding window Percentage of Cut-turn

Short Description:

Window type:sliding window
Window Hole size:1500×1500mm

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w80sliding frame

Name No. Profile’s
Total Length(mm) Meter Weight(g/m) Subtotal Weight
80Sliding Frame STHD80-10 1506 2 6024 1160 6.99
1506 2
80Sliding Frame STHD80-10 1458 1 1458 1160 1.69
80Sliding Sash STHD80-20 744 4 6776 811 5.50
950 4
80Sash Bead STHD80-40 660 4 6104 154 0.94
866 4
80Upper Bead STHD80-41 1404 2 3664 210 0.77
428 2
80Upper Bead STHD80-43 1404 2 3664 299 1.10
428 2
80Cover STHD80-51 944 2 1888 178 0.34
80Mosquito Sash STHD80-50 744 2 3388 439 1.49
950 2
Area(㎡) 2.25
TotalWeight(kg) 18.8028
Percentage of Cut-turn

1.Above from profile’s length is for reference only.
2.Above from profile’s meter weight is theoretical date,for reference only.

Shengda window profile White series includes 60/65 Outward series, 60/80/88 Sliding series. The most prominent features are: white profiles, good quality and cheap, large market demand, good market reputation.

The window profiles features are as follows:
1.It can achieve superior heat preservation and energy saving, has good heat insulation performance, heat transfer coefficient is very small, only 1/357 of steel, 1/1250 of aluminum.
2.It can achieve superior air tightness, in the installation of all gaps are equipped with rubber and plastic seals and top, so its air tightness is much higher than aluminum alloy doors and windows. And the air tightness of the plastic flat window is higher than the air tightness of the sliding window.
3.The utility model can realize superior water tightness, has the unique multi-cavity structure, and has the independent drainage cavity, and can effectively discharge the accumulated water of both the frame and the fan.
4.Excellent wind pressure resistance can be realized. In the independent plastic cavity, 1.5-3mm thick steel can be filled, which greatly improves the wind pressure strength of plastic window. 5. It can achieve superior sound insulation, has a good sound insulation effect, such as the use of double-glass structure of the sound insulation effect is more ideal, especially suitable for downtown noise interference serious need quiet places.
6.It has excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability, has unique formula, good corrosion resistance, and can be used in the environment with large temperature difference (-50 ° C ~ 70 ° C) for a long time, sUN exposure, moisture will not make its deterioration, aging, embrittlement and other phenomena.
7.It can achieve superior fire resistance and insulation, non-flammable, non-combustion, can self-extinguishing, safe and reliable. Excellent electrical insulating material, non-conductive, high Factor of safety.
8.high dimensional accuracy, no deformation, profile welding surface smooth and beautiful, easy to protect.

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